Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making Memories

There are few things as lonely as putting up your Christmas Tree alone. There have been several years in the past where because my kids weren't in town and the task fell to me . A certain melancholy crept in as I untangled the dreaded lights and hoped I didn't put the ornaments away so hastily the year before that I broke them. This year I had the delight of a few pals from work to help me haul the tree off the roof of the car set it up and decorate it. As we pulled ornaments from the box memories flooded back of where and when the ornaments became part of the family. I have had a tradition each year of giving the kids ornaments on their Christmas gifts. I have done it since they were babies. We used to even have a tree each in their rooms they have collected so many ornaments. One year I had the hairbrain thought to buy live trees for their rooms. I can't remember how we got them up the steps but I vividly remember throwing them over the balcony off their rooms to get them out of the house. We did plant them that year and they stand about 50 feet tall today ! The kids are off in new towns for most of their year now with table top or artificial trees. They will of course share memories with me when they are home around our big fresh cut tree and they might even get excited to see a real tree between their rooms just as a little surprise when they get home. Here are a few of my favorite memories on the tree !

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