Monday, November 1, 2010

Caramel Apples

melting the caramel
some toppings

swirling the apples

Chefs !
OK everyone knows how much I love to cook and usually try to do from scratch. This year I attended a terrific Halloween Party. Chris (a fellow nurse) and I decided to bring caramel apples to the party. OK you know those little bags of caramels in squares ? First off hard to find and second too hard to unwrap them all. So I gave in and used a boxed caramel that comes in a pint sized plastic MICROWAVEABLE tub. that's right friends ------

MICROWAVEABLE ! It was genius ! Each box did 4-5 apples and could be reheated if necessary and when the caramel set up it was the perfect consistency for eating ! TIPS - 1. use a plate under the caramel when heating 2. apply the toppings by pressing onto the caramel instead of rolling 3. if you have sensitive hands use pot holders or a towel or gloves to apply toppings as the caramel is hot 4. make sure excess caramel has dripped off prior to adding toppings otherwise they will drip to the bottom with the carmel 5. Use cold apples for dipping 6. finally, if you are taking to a party cut them up when you arrive and they will disappear, leave them whole and they will make a nice centerpiece. Enjoy they were the hit of our party !

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