Sunday, August 29, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I love my wallpaper ?

In the 3 homes I have owned I had never ventured into the mysterious world of wallpaper until now. I am not a wallpaper gal, no need to see toile or cabbage roses all over the walls, but at my new home "The Burrow" I decided I was really working with so many neutral colors that in one special place I needed a pop. The powder room. I had vintage sconces from EBAY as well as a glass vessel sink that I was using in an old dry sink I had plumbed for the vanity. Since these photos were taken I have also added an antique mirror that the mercury has come loose from the glass giving the mirror a crackled effect.( I love that something used for vanity is itself beautifully flawed). Anyway back to the paper. I looked probably at hundreds of patterns and couldn't really find something that worked, and to invest in a good wallpaper I wasn't going to settle since it was to be the only patterned wall in the house. I decided to narrow my search. I had some beautiful pheasant feathers I kept in a Mason jar that I loved the look of so for fun I Googled  "feather wallpaper". Let me tell you there are some ugly feather wallpapers. Then I stumbled upon Cavern Home. A unique purveyor of hand silk screened wallpaper. They had perhaps a dozen unique patterns. And there it was PLUME (gold) the showpiece I was looking for. Magnificent screened pheasant feathers almost 3 feet tall on a matte gold background. GORGEOUS ! A wonderful design specialist named Mary Cairns hung the paper and the rest is history. It is still a real investment and it is definitely my taste. You'll either love it or hate it, but every time I step into that room I fall in love with the walls all over again. If you like the look go to for more ideas !

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  1. I love the paper too,Iz, but I am a wallpaper kinda gal!